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DiBattisto Associates is a structural engineering firm in Connecticut. Our consulting structural engineering services team has over twenty years of experience in solving commercial and residential construction issues brought on by poor workmanship, weather-related trauma, or aging materials, making us experts in the field of structural forensics and repair.

We detect and identify issues and then set forth a detailed repair plan to ensure the strength and functionality of your structure at a reasonable cost.

We are seasoned professionals covering a wide range of projects from small scale modifications to existing structures to complete new structure designs.

Our services include:

Hammer icon representing DiBattisto Associates on-site structural design services

On-site investigation

Engineering plan icon representing DiBattisto Associate's structural design detailed reporting

Detailed report on the structural issue or defect

Engineering scale icon representing DiBattisto Associate's structural engineering services repair layout or letter

Structural repair layout or letter

We are available...

to provide full-scale analysis and solutions for the following structural design projects:

  • Roof, wall and floor framing
  • Foundations and footings
  • Concrete slabs and reinforced concrete structures
  • Steel framing
  • Pools cracking and leaking
  • Fire and water damage
  • Column and beam analysis
  • Creative solutions

We can help with crumbling foundations.


Granby, Connecticut

Renovating historical buildings requires special care to ensure structural integrity while protecting its architectural heritage. When creating construction design documents for the Cossitt Library in Granby, Ct, we were especially mindful of both.

The Queen Anne style building, originally designed by Jasper Daniel Sibley, was built in 189o and needed updates to meet the needs of the town. Adding a second story to the aging structure meant custom-designing specialty steel beams to provide the design flexibility we needed to maintain the historical aesthetic.