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- Lorri DiBattisto -

Lorri DiBattisto founded her career on a love for architectural design and creating efficient workable solutions to difficult engineering challenges. Upon graduating from the University of Hartford, she began work at Hamilton Standard, a United Technologies company. After applying her considerable talent and skills in the field of aerospace engineering, she returned to her original passion for construction and design. She opened up shop as DiBattisto Associates in 1994, after over ten years of highly-successful part-time work developing the business and a returning client base.

She is respected in her field as a talented professional who is always ready to tackle the next design challenge, as well as in her community where she dedicates many hours to charity pursuits, particularly Granby Ambulance Association.

- Mathew Reynolds -
Senior Engineer

We consider Mathew Reynolds to be a bit of a structural genius. It’s his experience and creativity you’ll find behind some of our most challenging structural applications and designs. His knowledge of all major codes and specifications—including ANSI / AF&PA National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction within high wind and flood zones, as well as ASCE7 Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures, including residential homes and commercial buildings in high wind zones 110-120 mph—have established him as a true asset to our team here in hurricane-prone southern New England.

His considerable expertise extends to all areas of structural design, making him our go-to resource for prospects requiring remediation or structural forensics and repair. Mathew has a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering and is EIT certified. In addition to seeing the fruits of his labors, he enjoys hiking with his wife and son, exploring new vistas across the U.S.

- Carol Brennan -
Chief Financial Officer

Carol Brennan acts as our chief financial officer while nurturing a secret life as our second MEP CAD draftsman. She works tirelessly, overseeing the company’s financial management, budgeting and forecasting. She keeps us in line when it comes to financial policies and procedures and is often the first friendly voice you’ll hear when calling our office.

Our clients get to know Carol best during the contract phase, when she seamlessly draws up the documents that represent your interests as well as ours. In addition to her extensive financial responsibilities, she is an experienced and talented CAD draftsman and is often seen behind the computer preparing 3-D designs of plumbing and mechanical installations. Carol has a Bachelor of Science in business management from Western New England College, as well as a Master of Business Administration. She worked for Combustion Engineering in Windsor, Ct for 28 years prior to joining us at DiBattisto Associates.